Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Chat is a popular subject and pursuit for lots of developers worldwide and has sparked a range of contests and awards like the Loebner Prize Competition. Creating a realistic, life-like Artificial Intelligence Chat experience is an admiral goal, and one we strive for with some clients, however, the primary aim of Help Interactive’s Virtual Chat Experts is instead to provide the best possible customer service while increasing site conversions and deflecting high-cost inbound support requests.

Artificial Intelligence ChatWhat does that mean exactly? Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence Chat engine does everything in its power to provide customers with the information they need. A conversation with a Virtual Chat Expert is a mix of natural language, intelligent menu systems, expanding rich media windows and assisted site navigation. Virtual Chat Experts are capable of recognizing users’ actions and automatically providing assistance, dynamically feeding site content as well as customer data. In a sense, Help Interactive’s Virtual Chat Experts provide a customer experience so rich, there’s no mistaking that it isn’t in fact a real person, because it’s too fast, responsive and dynamic.

Think we’re full of it? Contact an account executive today and we’ll give you a personal demo of the hyper-real Artificial Intelligence Chat we call a Virtual Chat Expert.

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